My Top 10 favorite blogs of 2008

In no particular order

  • Warren Kinsella :: I don’t know if I should be linking to his blog or the great W@AL segments on YouTube but I have enjoyed another year of his partisan posts, late night KFC confessions, and exclusive interviews with the next leader of the Liberal Party, Bart the Fish.
  • CalgaryGrit | Daveberta :: I wish more political blogs were as fun to read as these two Grit blogs with Alberta roots.  Plus, how many of you in the last couple of years have managed to get under the skin of the Premier of Alberta.
  • Materialicious :: A recent move to Typepad busted a lot of my links to them but it still is a great weblog bringing lots of daily inspiration to both Wendy and myself.  As crazy as it sounds, I don’t think we would have bought our cabin this summer if matericious hadn’t inspired me to look for a cabin.
  • Awesome Internet Site :: A blog by Dave Blondel, it is just about as random as
  • Bow, James Bow :: I am not a big fan of all of the SEO wizardry stuff out there online who promise big traffic from gimmicks and fooling search engines.  I keep telling people that if you write well, people will find your blog and will come back often.  That’s the truth about James Bow’s blog.  He writes well and I come back daily.
  • The Big Picture :: Not only do I love this site but my staff loves it as well.  When they have a new post, I generally hear about it from someone I work with before I get a chance to see it myself. 
  • Steve Taylor :: As I find myself further and further drifting away from the emerging church discussion, Steve Taylor’s theological creativity excites me and draws me back into it.
  • Scott Williams :: Scott’s restaurant gets in the way of his blogging but he has been on a roll in 2008 writing several excellent posts.
  • OneHouse :: I read OneHouse as a reminder that there is a better way to live and I don’t always take the time to live it.  In a year where I constantly felt off balance, rushed, and under way too much stress, it called me back to a life that makes a bit more sense.
  • Bill Kinnon :: Bill’s weblog is another blog I have come to appreciate more and more in 2008 because I find he expands my thinking on the Gospel and culture.  It may be because he isn’t employed by a church but also because he just may be right.

Honorable mentions (because I had to limit the list to 10): Mighty Goods, Dooce, Jonny Baker, Andrew Jones, Jason Kottke, Darryl Dash, Sportsfilter, The Morning News

8 thoughts on “My Top 10 favorite blogs of 2008”

  1. Thanks for the honorable mention, Jordon. Coming from you, and with the company I’m keeping on that list, it means a lot.

    All the best to you this Christmas and in the coming year.

  2. Hey, you are so very kind even in the midst of a year of light posting. Thanks so much. Up with houses and cabins of all kinds. Ooh, ooh, treehouses…2009? The year of the treehouse?

  3. Sorry about the busted links. That was a tough decision for me. But I’m flattered to be an influence in the cabin-purchase decision 🙂

    Happy Holidays!

  4. Thanks Jordan. An honour. I do think people need to see the emerging church conversation in the US as a pretty unique subset. It’s certainly not the whole, although the power of US media has certainly enhanced it’s monopoly-like status,


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