The -15 Below Jacket

Blizzard conditions in Saskatoon along College Drive There are 300,000 homeless in Canada and sadly there is not enough space to house them all, even in emergency conditions.  To combat this, Taxi (a design firm) came up with a jacket that will help keep someone who is homeless alive for a night. While I find this solution a sad reflection on how Canada sees the poor, it is better than having people freeze to death from exposure.  Clothing designers have some up with the 15 Below Jacket and they intend to give 3000 of them out across Canada this winter to help people survive extreme cold (here are the technical details and the test results)  The Salvation Army will be distributing the jackets to shelters across Canada where from there they will be given out to people.

Speaking of jackets, Mark’s Work Warehouse and Sleep Country are both collecting winter jackets for the Salvation Army.  Believe me, they need them.  At the Centre we gave out over 100 jackets last year plus hundreds of toques, mitts, scarves and warm socks.  Many of them went to kids.  If we see someone come in dressed in clothing that isn’t as warm we would wear, we get them bundled up.  We saved some from freezing to death and a lot of people from frostbite and stuff like that.

You can drop off your “slightly used” and clean winter jackets at either one of those companies or at the Salvation Army.  If you are in Saskatoon, bring them directly down to 339 Avenue C South as we always appreciate them.

You have no idea how much people need good winter wear in Saskatchewan (and across Canada) until you don’t have it yourself.

Kudos to Taxi, Marks Work Warehouse, and Sleep Country for launching these campaigns.

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  1. Nice jacket. One question, what about fire resistance? Many homeless smoke, and build fires, for warmth, too. Polyester is relatively fireproof, but is it possible to make it more fireproof?

    I’ve made upholstry for airplanes, and it has to pass an FAA vertical flame spread test. Generally, the principle is “animal-vegetable-mineral”. Animal fibers are more flame proof – like wool. Vegetable fibers – linen and cotton are next. Also, animal and vegetable textiles hang away from the body. Mineral (oil is a mineral) fibers are worst, since they both burn easiest, as well as cling to the skin when burning.

    I don’t know if that’s been considered?

    Also – the website – lots of trendy video stuff. Is there a “no glitz” version? Most homeless log on in a library, etc. Those computers are slow, and block flash, etc.

    All in all, a great idea!

  2. I was wondering where I could just buy one outright. they got some on auction on ebay already more than I could afford just cuz its autographed and I dont live in canada. also because of weight fluctuations due to a health conditions the winter coat I had no longer fits. I am walking around most days with an average of 3 jackets on at one time becuz I drive a bus and every time I open the door..cold air hits me. this would be ideal for a winter coat for folks that work outdoors. if they are selling them to working class it still would help them raise money for the homeless. I dont want one for free as i have a job and a home but it would be nice to have one for winter and if anyone asked me where I got it, I could tell them about the jacket the website and so forth.

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