Stupid Quote of the Week

Well there has  been a lot of them but this one seemed stupider than the rest I have heard.  It is some marketing executives talking about Old Spice and Axe.

“Before [Old Spice] discovered its purpose,” Mr. Stengel said in his Cincinnati talk, “we were, frankly, chasing Axe. … It can be a very sexy brand, a very provocative brand, and Old Spice was kind of trying to mimic that.”

What is the purpose of Old Spice you ask?

OLD_SPICE_M.JPG A manifesto from Old Spice’s brand team goes: “I didn’t have an older brother to steer me down the aisle to the Old Spice shelf. Needless to say, I spent my formative years watching a lot of ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ on Friday nights. Now I have the chance to be that older brother I never had. I want to help the kids of today become the men of tomorrow. I want to sell them some Old Spice.”

Wow.  There are those that make a difference in the world and there are those who just want to sell some Old Spice.