Saturday night thoughts

Some of you have noticed that I am using to collect and automatically post the contextless links around here.  There have been those that don’t like it and those that enjoy the extra tagging options that it gives you as a reader to discover other cool stuff.  You can let me know what you think in the comments.

Personally I don’t actually enjoy doing it, I prefer to collect and post the links as I find them during the day but I no longer have the time to do this any longer.  Especially over the last week.  In the last seven days I have had two different variations of the stomach flu and had to sleep through my one day off because of a high fever and I was just sick.  That had the secondary effect of really messing up the diabetes medication which means higher blood sugar levels which means I am absolutely drained.  By the time I get home, eat, spend time with Mark and Oliver, I am ready to go to bed.  I hoping I feel better next week and my energy comes back.  The plan is do a lot more walking next week which often regulates my body and gives me more energy.

Work has been okay.  We just wrapped a week of being audited which was a surprisingly positive experience.  I walked away with the knowledge that my department is pretty tight and I got some good tips from the auditors of stuff that is being done at other Centre’s that will actually make life easier for us.  We had a couple of discussions that could be summed up as a “philosophy of accounting” which helped me understand the kinds of checks and balances that I will need in any organization.  One of them even helped us decide what kind of television to buy for the guys.  The bad part of the week was that because they were there, I needed to be there in case they had questions.  I made it through the week but just barely.

On top of surviving the auditors, I have been helping a family stay off the street.  I don’t think one realizes how hard it is for people when they have no home, to even find an apartment, pay a $25 fee just to see the apartment (yes I know that is designed to discourage those on social assistance to move in), convince landlords who are biased towards certain socio-economic classes to rent to them, and then make it livable.  The good news is that we do have a partial solution to this problem that should be a reality in early 2009.

On a positive not, we did manage to do some Christmas shopping.  The advantage of living in Canada is that we don’t have any Black Friday type events so it is relatively quiet.   We are done shopping for Mark and Oliver and I am pretty much done shopping for Wendy.  Since I coordinate all of the Christmas shopping, Wendy just has to shop for me but really struggles with it.  She is in denial over it but I will get a copy of Larry Lessig’s book that I don’t think I want and a book on the emerging church that I won’t read (she just read this sentence and just grunted in reply).  I have been trying to explain that good gifts don’t require money, they require insight and thought.  We’ll see how she does.

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