Contextless Thoughts

  • I wanted to go to the cabin this weekend but considering the high was still going to be below freezing, I decided to stay at home and make some plans for 2009.  Here is my 2009 to-do list for the cabin.  The big debate Wendy and I are having is whether to go with wallboard or drywall inside the cabin.  The bigger focus will be creating two decks for the back and the front of the cabin.

Oliver chilling out at night with a sleeping cap on.

  • I snapped this photo of Ollie the other night.  Despite his peaceful expression on his face, he hates the sleeping cap with a passion.
  • After years of reading Alan Creech‘s fishing stories, I finally bought Mark a fishing rod.  Next spring we plan to empty Last Mountain Lake completely.  Of course we do have some competition from the bird sanctuary that is near the cabin and we have to try to convince Wendy that cleaning fish is fun.
  • I signed Wendy and I up to take the coffee house at the Community Centre every second Sunday night.  I am paying Mark to help clean up the mess (he is saving for a Nintendo DS or a PSP) afterwards.  Wendy fielded several marriage proposals and requests for dates.  We had over 100 people there for coffee house which consists of coffee, juice, soup, sandwiches, and a dessert.  In addition to people coming for coffee, we had a couple people there that were thwarted from making a drug deal (what happened to dealing drugs on street corners?).
  • Christmas shopping is almost done.  The hardest one to shop for is Ollie as he has all of Mark’s baby toys plus a bunch of new gifts from friends. 
  • I am shopping for a new desktop computer.  My trusty desktop has been a 900 mhz AMD Duron for years.  2 gigs of Ram and a big hard drive can only take you so far.  I was going to give it to Mark but Computers 4 Kids has 1.4 ghz machines that come with everything for under $50.  Mark won’t be going online without permission but I am wondering what software is essential for a kid in Grade 3.  Suggestions?   Leave them in the comments.
  • The lack of posting around here is from me being exhausted at nights.  Work has been really tough and when I come home, I have been heading to bed around 8 p.m. a lot of nights.  I have the next two days off which may be the longest stretch of days off I have had in a year.  So far, so good.
  • Wendy posted this cabin the other day on the cabin blog.  When we were first married, we wanted to build something like this, although this is nicer than we envisioned.  We were watching a show about cabin’s one time and this couple had one like this and a smaller one for their two kids.  They were far enough from each other that they had privacy yet they cooked, ate, and drank coffee together as a family.  Perfect for a family of introverts.

2 thoughts on “Contextless Thoughts”

  1. Well, very cool. I’ve change the world. ha! 🙂 What’s sad about that is that I haven’t been fishing in months. My fish count this year is — 8. Ridiculous.

    What kind of rod did you get? Perhaps eventually I can even work you into the world of fly fishing. You never know. Build some good fishing memories with the boy. Peace.

  2. I just got him a cheap telescopic fishing rod. The guys at the local fishing store suggested it. If he likes fishing, he will want a better one but if he doesn’t, I am not out a lot of money.

    While there are some 100 year old Sturgeon in southern Saskatchewan, there aren’t any in Last Mountain Lake and they said there isn’t anything in their that we won’t be able to catch with a cheap rod.

    I can’t wait until we are able to do some fly fishing.

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