What’s your country’s leader doing today?

While your country’s leader is dealing with the world financial crisis, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is using his Flickr account to make sure stray cats are being adopted.  I guess it answers the question on why he stopped wearing the sweater vest… too much cat hair.

3 thoughts on “What’s your country’s leader doing today?”

  1. You really can;t win with Jordon Cooper, after years of reading how all leaders should be using all this innovative technology, here we have a Prime Minister using it in a very good way. And you ridicule him.

    Dude. Are you serious?

  2. The concept on this is too funny. I e-mailed it to a few friends, but one of them offered a more plausible explanation:

    “As for the blog on the PM and cats, I thought I heard somewhere that his wife is really big into saving stray animals and that 24 Sussex has more cats in it now than ever. It was probably her doing more than the PM taking time off the affairs of the free world to save a cat!”

    Darn! I liked your version better.

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