If I had a blog of my own…

I haven’t had much time to write much of anything other than the occasional tweet on Twitter from my iPod Touch lately.  Some have said that Twitter is ruining my blog but the bigger issue is that I don’t have uninterrupted time to write.  If I had time to write, this is what I would be talking about.

  • I recently considered two job offers.  One in a church and the other one in a more beauracratic setting.  Both were in some ways tempting but in the end I realized both were not what I was passionate about.  Turning down the one job was hard because it appealed to my ego and the fact that the chances of going home smelling like urine are absolutely zero.  Turning down the pastoral position was really tough because it made me really examine what was a strong pastoral calling in my life.  At the same time something that Leonard Sweet said on Twitter has been tormenting me. “…but musing about how I am SO tired of the church viewing the world more as a market than as a mission.”  That clarified a lot for me (and cost me a lot of money) as despite using the language of mission, the church sees the world as a market (and I wonder if a lot of pastors see the church as their market).  Anyways it helped me realize that I didn’t have the passion or energy to lead something that saw the world as a market and for which I wasn’t sure if it wanted to see it as a mission.  At the end of the day I realized I had more in Saskatoon that I wanted to accomplish.
  • Speaking of church, I haven’t darkened a church door in a couple of months.  I have been working nights on the weekends while I tried in vain to find the right staff person.  Along the way I found another outstanding person for the Centre who is great but not the right person to fill the night shifts.  Last week I finally found that person which means that this could be the first time that I will be in church in a long time.  Wendy has been attending the Saskatoon Free Methodist Church and Lakeview Church but until next weekend, I am the father and husband who never attends church (feel free to judge me in the comments).  I don’t know what is wrong with me but when I was 24, I used to be able to stay up all night and function the next day.  Now that I am 34, I can’t stay up 24 hours straight (while working 16 of them), go to sleep for five or six hours, work another graveyard and function at church in the morning.  I have great intentions but they fall apart as soon as I stop moving and sit down in the morning.  Then I find myself worshipping at the Presbytry of the Pillow.
  • Some have asked how the emergency women’s shelter is going.  Well it is a long process but it is still moving forward.  We have operational funding in place, we have capital funding in place, we have identified a building and now we are entering a zoning process with the City of Saskatoon.  Believe it or not I have read the 200+ pages of the City of Saskatoon zoning bylaw but I actually brought it with me to the cabin.  That was some relaxing reading by the lake.   We have a ways to go on it still but it is looking pretty good from here.  I’ll save the entire story for the formal announcement
  • I was going to do some creative campaign coverage of the election up here but Warren Kinsella started doing a lot better job of it than I could.  Today he is writing why Stephen Harper is going to win the campaign.   After reading Kinsella’s posts day in and day out and then watching some excellent W@AL videos, I realized that his coverage was going to be way better than mine and so I just kind of decided to be quiet about it and accept that some things (like medicine, mortgage backed securities, and brake repairs) should be left to the professionals.  That leaves me with commentary on Survivor, Bon Jovi CD’s, what I had for supper last night, and the East Coast Hockey League (update: Wendy says that if I start commenting on supper, my life expectancy could be shortened).
  • I have been meaning to blog about Sarah Palin but I’ll leave it at this, she probably is a wonderful parent, good neighbor (if you like your neighbors being Rovian), and decent governor of Alaska but she wasn’t prepared to be nominated by John McCain who is exploiting her age, sex, and looks for his own political agenda.  Everytime I want to come out against this strongly, I think of Dan Quayle who was the male version of Sarah Palin.  JFK disliked (even hated) LBJ but chose him to help him in the south so this isn’t a new or a partisan trend, it is just that YouTube makes it a lot more painful.
  • Why is it that many sites equate being a social conservative with being a hunter.  Are there no liberals who shop at Cabelas?
  • After breaking up with hockey, I may be open to a reconcilliation this year.  I am not sure I miss it but if we run into each other on a Saturday night, I may stay a while and chat.
  • Forget NCAA cheating scandals, out of control Olympic games, crooked NBA refs, or even fact that the Toronto Maple Leafs are mathematically eliminated from the Stanley Cup playoffs, here is the real problem in sports, out of control marching bands.

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  1. My husband has worked lots of shift work, so we can relate – and even now that he doesn’t work any more nights or evenings, he still works weekends which mean an evening service is a must for us – so when your home church consistently cancels the service that works for you every summer, you go other places and try other things… All that to say, we’ve really enjoyed Alan Scott from Causeway Coast Vineyard’s sermons – they have challenged us and helped us to grow – so here’s a link…

    I actually think it was you – many years ago- that got me thinking wider about the internet and church.

  2. Medical conditions can be worsened by erratic sleep schedules. Maybe your employer can make sure your work always stays within a 16 hour window. 8 to 4 some days, and 4 to midnight on others? That way you will always be in bed during the “wee hours”. Zombie shifts – part days, part swing, part graveyard – usually make even a healthy person sick after 3 months.

    As far as church work and church life, everything goes in cycles. Normally, the year before the (US) presidential elections is a bad time for churches, while the year after is one of the best. Sometimes grabbing a church job now, and toughing out a bad season, pays off in a year. This is, of course, a gross generalization, each local parish is unique.

    As far as looking at “ministry as market”, it’s often more than a business decision. Any organization has a challenge to be effective, so it usually needs to narrow a focus to a specific type of person. And, any organization needs resources to survive. Absorbing a lot of high need people can quickly drain resources, however, first targeting a demographic with resources may allow an organization to then target more high-need people. All churches target a demographic, some analytically choose to be aware and open-eyed. Others choose to be blind, but still target a demographic by default. In general, most churches chase the same sixth of the population, many chase a narrower slice.

    In a more esoteric sense, any movement goes through cycles. The Emerging movement has gone through an expansion phase, and now is assimilating. The leaders aren’t growing cohorts, they are out peddling books. This is a phase often called “bad stochastics”. The emerging movement is slowly creeping away from Gen-X pragmatism and integrity-challenges. And the Millennials (and retired Boomers) are bringing idealism in. Somehow, the movement needs to find a balance.

    There are about a dozen companies that are extremely useful to startups – Harbor Freight, Enco, Tractor Supply, Northern Hardware, … and Cabela’s is one of them. Plenty of startups and plenty of liberals in San Francisco. And plenty of Cabela customers!

  3. How you think when the economic crisis will end? I wish to make statistics of independent opinions!

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