It’s Monday Morning…

I saw this on Steve Taylor’s blog who borrowed the idea from Marko.  I kind of liked it and thought it may make an interesting weekly feature here.

Cover of Madden 07 for the PSP from EA Sports The weekend that was: We spent a four day weekend at the cabin.  It was what I expected for fall in Saskatchewan.  Overcast, cool, and rainy.  Not great if you are harvesting but not a bad weekend at the lake.  Ever since I was a kid, I loved being in a cabin when it was cool and rainy and that has been the weather here this week. 

Not much was accomplished at the lake but I did hang some bookshelves and brought up some history to read when I forget to bring other stuff along.  We are painting the inside of the cabin and the rule is that one wall has to be painted per trip and I did accomplish that.

I also played a lot of Madden 07 which I bought used for my PSP.  Jay Cutler may make the Pro Bowl this year but two years ago he had some problems in Madden.

Where I am at the moment: At the time of publication I am probably sleeping in Saskatoon.  We came home early as Oliver wasn’t feeling very well at all.

On my to-do list this week: I am on vacation so I would like to say there is nothing on my to-do list but I am jack hammering out a concrete sidewalk and cleaning some gutters.

Procrastinating about:  Hammering out a concrete sidewalk and cleaning some gutters.

Book I’m in the midst of: I just finished Wildfire in the Wilderness by Chris Czajkowski about her experience at Nuk Tessi (I posted about her earlier book, Diary of a Wilderness Dweller).  I am also reading The Making of the Atomic Bomb by Richard Rhodes which I heard about from  There is a reason why the book won a Pulitzer, it is amazing.

Interesting photos that I took this week: Because I am at the lake and have to walk for a web connection (and I forgot my card reader), nothing this week.  Wendy bought a new zoom lens for her SLR which she is pretty excited about so we did check out a bit of rural Saskatchewan.

Music that seemed to catch my attention this past week: The Best of Radiohead

How I’m feeling about this week: I am dreading the double election coverage of both a Canadian election and the American one.  There should be an election law about this happening.

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