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Palm logo Over the years I have used a lot of Palm products.  My first was a Palm IIIxe which was great until it was stolen, a Palm m105 replaced it (it was stolen as well), and later a Sony Clie PEG-SJ10.  I decided to try out a Treo 90 the other day for reasons which I outlined here.  As I installed it I was stunned to find out that VersaMail wouldn’t work on it and if I wanted to sync my e-mail I had to use either Yahoo! Intellisync (hard to find download link) or use the desktop to sync with Outlook Express or Outlook and nothing for that brand new little company called Google.  Since I used Gmail and Google Apps to manage my life, this was a bit of a problem.

I looked around at a couple of Pocket PCs and some netbooks but with the announcement of the iPod Touches, I realized that the older ones would be blown out by some stores.  A quick call to Future Shop and we got a first generation iPod Touch for less than what I would pay for a used Pocket PC or a new web enabled Palm.

Steve Jobs and a jumbo sized iPod Touch I brought it home, sync’d it up and realized that some things never change regardless of whether or not you are a Mac or a PC.  I had to download updates which took for what seemed to be an eternity.  I had to backup my iPod, install new system software, and resync it.  I thought I was installing and then updating Windows XP for a while.

After that it was installing apps.  I got the essentials, a Tim Horton’s locator from Saskatoon’s Zu.com, The Score Mobile, Last.fm, Twitterific, the WordPress blogging app, Google Mobile and a couple of games, it was good to go.

For me it works well, it gives me immediate access to my calendar, contacts, e-mail, and the Centre’s Google Apps where ever I am.  Downtown Saskatoon is covered by Wifi,  The one thing that I didn’t like which is all about me.  I started to notice I was losing fine motor skills on my left side of my body which is painfully noticeable when I am using the keyboard.  I am hoping I get better at it with practice but since I am left handed, I am more than a little discouraged by what is happening to the nerve damage in my body.  If it continues, I’ll order the jumbo sized iPhone behind Steve Jobs there.

The odd thing is that I almost forgot it holds a lot of my music and some video.  If I am going to download a video to watch, I tend to prefer my PSP or my laptop.  The PSP tends to come along with me to the lake where Mark gets some gaming time in and I often watch some stuff from Google Video and YouTube.  That was probably the reason I decided to get the 8 gb phone over the 32 gb version.  I can get a 32 gb Memory Stick Duo for pretty cheap when they are on sale and so for now, the PSP remains my video watching machine.

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  1. Yeah, it shows well and is a bit sexy but for me it’s just a good work horse. I’m able to sync the calendar with my gmail calendar and contacts and I like listening to ClassicFm out of London with one of the apps.

    And, when I can’t sleep at night, I just turn on the YouTube and watch videos of old television shows, without leaving the bed.

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