Free Wifi Hotspots in Saskatoon

SKConnected-logo Saskatoon does a good job in providing wireless capability to it’s residents.  The yellow areas show where Saskatchewan! Connected provides free wifi access to Saskatoon (and other Saskatchewan cities.  There are also a bunch of other free wifi networks to tap into and I put a list of known public networks for you to tap into.

Saskatchewan! Connected wifi coverage in Saskatoon

Downtown Saskatoon:

  • Earls, 610 2nd Avenue North
  • Hilton Garden Inn, 1st Ave S & 22nd Street E
  • Jake’s on 21st Street
  • Mulberry’s Cafe, 3rd Avenue & 23rd Street
  • Park Town Hotel, Spadina Crescent & 25th Street
  • Sheraton Cavalier, Spadina Crescent & 21st Street
  • Spadina Freehouse, Spadina Crescent & 21st Street
  • Timothy’s, Midtown Plaza, 1st Avenue & 21st Street

Hotspots around Saskatoon:

6 thoughts on “Free Wifi Hotspots in Saskatoon”

  1. I don’t know if you have 3G coverage out there, but with my iPhone I almost never use wifi anymore except for downloading music from iTunes. Here in the GTA (and beyond), 3G is almost as fast as wifi, and sometimes faster.

  2. Can you reach downtown (or another hotspot) with an antenna? (From your home?)

    What’s the big hotspot (skast?) at the top of the map? It’s prety fuzzy, even when I click on the map.

  3. The part at the top of the map is SIAST which is a technical school (Saskatchewan Institute for Applied Science and Technology) and is a couple blocks away from my house. I can just get a faint signal from my deck but since I have wifi, it isn’t really an issue.

    At work we have locked wifi and we are again just outside of the boundaries which is good as some of the guys who stay there are court ordered not to go online. Either way the coffee shops that I like to go to have wifi from the Saskatchewan! Connected program.

  4. Brian, we have 3G but after looking at my cell phone usage patterns, it makes no sense for me. Three months ago I put $50 prepaid on my cell phone. Last week my 90 days to use them expired before the minutes did so I am using about $12 a month in pre-paid minutes which makes it really hard to justify a Blackberry or iPhone’s contract but increased data fees.

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