Abandoned Church in Fish Creek

Fish Creek Church

A wooden church in Fish Creek, Saskatchewan

Wendy and I dragged Mark and Oliver on a trip north of the city to find this church in Fish Creek, Saskatchewan (which is near to the site of the Battle of Fish Creek).  Sadly the ghost town was well marked with “Private Property” and “No Trespassing” signs which we respected but I would have loved to have gotten a lot closer.  Later we drove over to Fort Carlton which dates back to the early days of the Hudson’s Bay Company as a trading post across Rupert’s Land.  We have more photos of Fish Creek here and more photos of Fort Carlton here.

Furs hanging in a trading post in Fort Carlton


The flag of the Hudson's Bay Company at Fort Carlton

Mark Cooper at Fort Carlton

The walls of Fort Carlton Provincial Historical Site

One quick thing to note.  I was dreading the visit to Fort Carlton a bit because the last time we went the tour guide was quite miserable to Wendy and I and was just going through the motions of doing her job.  This time the guide was fantastic and Mark really enjoyed it.  He had Mark totally engaged with the tour and the history of the place.  It was fun to see Mark learning and if you haven’t been out to the Fort, it is worth a drive out to see.

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  1. My daughter and her friend joined myself on a road trip, we took pictures of the Fish Creek Church and its cementary. We hoped to enquire at the neighboring home if we could enter the church grounds but no one home. We’ll try again. We did go into the cementary and took pictures and tryed to find the oldest head stone. It’s important to recognize these old pillars of our history before they crumble away. We also stopped at the 50’s diner at Patroska bridge. It’s a must to see.

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