Vote for Me

In the most mediocre Canadian contest.  I am serious.  Join the campaign.  It’s going nowhere that spectacular.  Brent Gretzky is only mediocre because of his brother.  Warren Kinsella has FOUR well known books and drives a nicer classic car than I do.  Alan Thicke?  Way, way nicer hair than any of us.  He is a D list celebrity already.  You won’t see me courtside at L.A. Clippers games, that is Alan Thicke territory.

I am from Saskatchewan.  We define mediocrity.  A 9-9 football season is a good but not great season for the Riders and that Grey Cup thing last year was only because we messed up and hired Eric Tillman as our G.M.  Saskatoon, nice but not great city.  My blog is good but not great.  I define mediocrity.

3 thoughts on “Vote for Me”

  1. I’m sorry. I tried. But I just couldn’t. There’s at least a gazillion bloggers more worthy of the most mediocre Canadian title (myself included) and when you add up all the politicians in this country, well, you’re out of luck, Jordon. 🙂

  2. No, I am one of the ones voting those guys in, they desire for excellence but I am accepting their mediocrity.

    My blog is WAY MORE MEDIOCRE than your blog. You got that .tv extension which makes you stand out more than my boring .com. I am way more mediocre than you are.

  3. Sorry. But according to a recent comment on my site, I’ve had the same hairstyle for the past 25 years. My mediocre locks trump your stunning near-Captain Pickard look. And, my blog has the dumbest name ever. Plus, the .tv extension costs 4X what a .com costs – further proving both my mediocrity and gullibility. Of course, if Triple D dares enter this race, we will both lose by a country mile.

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