Review: Diary of a Wilderness Dweller

Diary of a Wilderness Dweller A good friend of mine sent the family a care package a couple of weeks ago and in it was the amazing book, Diary of a Wilderness Dweller by Chris Czajkowski.

I picked it up while heading out of the cabin a couple of weeks ago.  I was too tired to drive and while chilling in the passenger seat, I got about 17 pages into it and was hooked.

The book is a diary of Chris Czajkowski who decided to venture 20 miles from the nearest road in the B.C. interior with a permit, a saw, a tent, and her dog with the vision of building two log cabins by herself from hand.  She designed the cabin, cut the logs, made the logs into lumber, put them into place, and managed to survive being north of the middle of nowhere while doing it.  Her diary talks about encounters with bears, losing her dog, falling through the ice, and hilariously having to fill out an application for an airport among other things.  The book starts with her hike in and throughout the book I kept wondering if she was going to make it.  I won’t ruin how it turned out…. oh wait the photos of the completed cabins below do kind of give out a clue but finding out how she made this come true is well worth the time to read the book.

Every summer since I was a kid, there was a book that seemed to capture my imagination.  This is the book that captured it this summer.  A combination of the audacity of the project, the perseverance to see it through, her perspective, honesty, and sense of humor in describing her adventure all came together to make an awfully good book.



Not only can you read the book but if you are feeling really adventurous, you can check out the cabins.  They make up the Nuk Tessli Alpine Experience.

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