Contextless Thoughts

  • Oliver is still in the NICU at RUH. He is doing fine but is still too small to take home. The nurses are trying to fix him up with the little girl in the crib next door but there isn’t a lot of chemistry there.
  • Mark is irritated by the rule that he can’t see Oliver whenever he wants. There was a poster up for the RUH Foundation and he muttered, “I won’t be giving any money to them!”
  • Lee is moving out soon (It was a couple of years ago he was going to move in for a couple of months). He has a nice renovated apartment in Lakeview which he doesn’t know if he is going to keep because he wants to be closer to work. Either way it looks like there is a move in my future. Mark is torn as he hates the idea of his uncle moving out but he really wants Lee’s large bedroom in the basement. He has floated the idea of moving out with Lee but that hasn’t gotten much traction.
  • A friend of mine drives a Ford Explorer but spent less then $400 on gas last year. He walks the ten blocks to work every day even when it is -40 degrees out. He only drives when he has to be somewhere after work that he can’t walk to. Considering that the average American spends almost $4000.00 a year in gas, that’s a considerable saving.

One thought on “Contextless Thoughts”

  1. I’ve been following with interest the updates on Oliver. Seeing now that he is still in the NICU after 18 days (is that right?), I am reminded of the 18 days our own little Oliver (with his twin brother Alexander) was in the NICU. Our Oliver was just a few ounces heftier than yours, and now he is a whopping 14-15 lbs., some six months later. Hang in there! Our family will keep yours in our thoughts.

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