Contextless Thoughts

  • Wendy is blogging about some cheap cabins that I kind of like.  She also links to the Lightbox Cabin which I find pretty amazing.
  • The six Canadian NHL teams provide 31% of NHL revenue :: In fact, eight U.S. teams – the Coyotes, the Florida Panthers, Chicago Blackhawks, New York Islanders, Atlanta Thrashers, Washington Capitals, Nashville Predators and St. Louis Blues – generated less than half the amount of ticket revenue this season of the Edmonton Oilers and Ottawa Senators. At $1.2 million in ticket revenue per game, the Oilers and Senators garnered the least amount of ticket money among Canadian clubs.
  • A quick prediction, Hillary Clinton will take her case to the DNC credentials committee and then to the courts before conceding defeat which will destroy not only her political career but also hand deliver the general election to John McCain.  The Washington Post disagrees with me and I hope they are right.
  • Here are some great photos of a part of America that is quickly disappearing.
  • I am not supposed to be telling anyone this but we found out that we are having a boy.  All of the old wives tales suggested it would be a girl but according to the many, many ultrasounds that have been taken, it will be a boy.  I am just hiding this in the middle of a larger post with the hope that my beautiful, smart, and forgiving wife will forgive me.
  • Just a quick job hunting tip.  If you are giving someone a resume, make sure your e-mail address is not a crude sexual pun or joke  Also, even if your resume is phenomenal, giving me a phone number that is wrong or disconnected causes a lot of problems as well.   Here are 25 other reasons why you may still be unemployed.
  • The Centre’s resident half-coyote is moving out with his owner.  We are a little sad to see them gone.  While the dog was here, he had a nice bed, new leashes, a bike carrier to ride in, and an amazing assortment of dog treats given to him from staff and even some other agencies in the city.  The dog went from homeless to pampered pretty quickly.

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