The Long Weekend

We are enjoying the long weekend around the Cooper household by doing a bunch of yard work.  We still have an abandoned lot behind us which means that I have a yard full of dandelions.   While I do my best to stay eco friendly, I went out yesterday and bought a bunch of weed and feed and put herbicide all over my lawn without much remorse.  Last year I spent over $200 fighting weeds and I felt like I made no progress.

Wendy and I did find some time to sit in the shade on our Adirondack chairs yesterday and listen to the silence that long weekends bring to our neighborhood.  I know many neighborhoods are quiet on long weekends but in Mayfair, the silence lasts forever.  Even our new neighbors have mentioned it.  I am not sure why but I assume it has to do with it being a working class blue collar neighborhood and people escape the city on holiday weekends.

Today we are taking Mark out for his birthday supper at Fudduckers.  He has been begging for Surf’s Up on DVD for months and we picked that up to watch as a family tonight.  Tomorrow his eight birthday is happening and we are taking him go-carting at Karttrak Go-Karts.  We were watching NASCAR last night and as someone went into the wall he said casually, “That’s going to be you on Monday”.

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