Mark is Eight

Mark turns eight today and he woke up to some fun birthday gifts.  As I mentioned before, I got him a skimboard and the DVD of Surf’s Up.  He wants to surf but in Saskatchewan you are somewhat limited with your surfing options.  After proving to me he can read an analog clock, we got him his first digital watch.  He can’t wait until it is dark and he can try out the indigo night light.  We also got him some Cobra 2 way radios for use at the lake.  Other gifts include the Transformers game for PS2, a Tech Deck, and a art kit (he recently told Wendy that “art’s my thing”).  We generally get him a book for his birthday but after getting a dozen Hardy Boy and Danny Orlis books at the recent Symphony Orchestra book sale, he has a lot to read.

Lee gave him a three person tent and a sleeping bag.  Lee loved sleeping outside as a kid and thought Mark may want to do that at the lake.  Of course it is all fun and games until a skunk decides to wander in during the night.

Later today we are heading to go-kart track downtown for some racing action.  Last year Mark was an inch too short and was devastated he couldn’t race so this year is good to go.  Of course he has been trash talking none stop about his racing skills so we will see how he feels when he is nudged into the tires.

It’s been a good year for Mark.  His grades are excellent, he loves karate, and Maggi actually listens to him.  The next year should be even more enjoyable, well until he breaks his leg skimboarding.

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