Contextless Thoughts

  • I just read The Macintosh Way by Guy Kawasaki.  It was sent to me anonymously a month or so ago and it is a great book.  Some excellent stories about Apple and early pioneers like Dave Winer are in there.  If you can find it at a used book store, it is worth reading.  Whoever it was who sent it to me, thanks!
  • A friend phoned me yesterday about the cabin.  He asked if I had made any big plans yesterday and I said no, “I am up to my ears in paperwork.”  He replied, “That’s why you need a place to retreat to” and hung up the phone.  About 20 seconds later, I got an e-mail which said in full, “and that’s why I am borrowing it from time to time as well.”  Sounds good to me.
  • Wendy‘s protein count is rising, so is her blood pressure, and blood sugar.  She is off work for another week and they are hoping some medication helps with the preeclampsia  Normally she would be okay with it but as she blogged, she is getting transferred to the 33rd Street Safeway which is only two blocks away from home and is one she has been tried to transfer to for about five years.  It also means a big savings in gas and that store keeps shorter hours (because it is smaller, it is quicker to close) which means that she will be home a lot earlier when she is working in the office.
  • Len Sweet has a new podcast which may interest you.
  • I can’t figure out why Hillary Clinton stays in the race.  People say that she is running for 2012 but she is burning so many bridges in the Democratic Party that if Obama loses, she will take a lot of the blame for it.  I think she still thinks she can win.
  • East side churches in Saskatoon want to send a 1000 people to the west side core neighborhoods and “clean it up”.  It’s a nice idea but it makes it sound like the west side residents can’t or won’t do the job itself which is totally false.  Riversdale and other neighborhoods are a lot more alive then people give them credit for and believe it or not, do clean up the neighborhood every year by themselves so I am not sure why having an army of SUVs and minivans descend on the area helps at all.
  • I like Stephane Dion but his proposal to make me pay even more for gas is a little tough to swallow politically.  You know since I am paying $1.31 for a litre of it now.

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  1. As per the east side churches having people come to the west side to help clean up…as someone who lives near St. Pauls hospital in Pleasant Hill I more than welcome the voulunteers because the truth is my fellow neighbours can’t and won’t clean up after themselves. An army of east side SUVs and Minivans would do a good measure in removing the tonne of abandoned furniture and other dertrius that litters the back alleys.

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