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  • Some photo sets of our trip to Regina:  Saskatchewan Science Centre, Saskatchewan War Memorial, and the Saskatchewan Legislature
  • After returning early, we did manage to get a head start on some yard and garden tasks for our house.  A productive trip to Canadian Tire, Home Depot and Peavey Mart.  The big jobs this summer will be replacing part of our roof but in addition to that we will be painting fences, decks, and redoing the playhouse that does duty as our shed.  The other big task will be reseeding again a big chunk of our lawn after Maggi managed to kill it off.  Some people have suggested a cap of apple vinegar in her water may help stop the damage to the grass so we will see.
  • We also had some cracks in our basement wall (what happens when your house is 88 years old) from water seeping through.   A bunch of people have asked about this from when I blogged about it before but the key is to chisel away all of the damaged concrete and tightly pack in hydraulic cement into the crack.  Now hydraulic cement dries too quickly to really work with so if you want to add a top coat to make it look good, you will need to leave a bit of space.  Let the hydraulic cement cure for bit (I left it for a month) and then some standard cement with a bonding agent for parging.
  • So much for “This Note is Legal Tender”.  I found out that many hotels won’t allow you to pay cash for your hotel room and only take credit cards (and won’t even take prepaid credit cards with the Mastercard or VISA logo on them), even if one offers to pay for the deposit that is normally billed towards a credit card?  How is that not prejudicial against people who don’t have a credit card?  Just claimed bankruptcy or just choose to use cash?    The weird thing is that I called some Saskatoon hotels and it doesn’t seem to be dependent on the class of hotel.  Some high end hotels accept cash while some middle class hotels do not.   I don’t want to sound like Ralph Nader but this hurts some of the guys who we serve at work and it is frustrating.  (Update:  BMO has a pre paid card that costs $9.95 for three years and they said it works with hotels although they don’t recommend it as hotels can keep the hold on their card for weeks – it doesn’t make what the hotels do any better but it works)

2 thoughts on “This and that”

  1. > I found out that many hotels won’t allow you to pay cash for your hotel room

    In the US, I always thought a business had to take cash. They can require a deposit, but still have to take cash?

    Creditor Web may have some insight?

  2. Mike, I thought that too but apparently not. That being said, EVERYONE takes Interac which is our debit cards here. The hotels here just want plastic

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