Back from Calgary

I am back from Calgary.  I was traveling with another manager from the Centre.  As we were in a meeting last night he got a call from his kid who was being rushed to the hospital.  After waiting for more information, we packed up, checked out and left Calgary at 10:30 p.m. and started to drive home.  It wasn’t my favorite drive ever (my record isn’t on the record) and we rolled into Saskatoon around 4:00 a.m.   I drove most of the trip and I discovered Amp Energy drink.  I was in a convenience store in Drumheller looking at what drink to get and I actually thought, “If it is good enough for Dale Earnhardt Jr., it is good enough for me.”  Amp Energy gave me a boost was a lot better tasting than Red Bull.  While driving through the night isn’t that much fun, it was nice to get home 18 hours earlier than expected.

The conference was a good one.  I took some classes on disaster relief and I know more about the Incident Command System than I ever thought possible.  Hopefully I will never have to put into practice what I have learned but if I do, I should be a bit more prepared.  I also managed to get downtown and connect with Karen/OneHouse and also Dave King who returned my coffee mug Wendy gave him when he was in Saskatoon. 

Mark is quite sick this afternoon and I am exhausted.  The plan is to watch the Canadiens lose to the Philadelphia Flyers and then call it an early night.

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