Twitter’s Server Woes

As I have written earlier, I really enjoy Twitter. Reading some of the political writers post 140 character posts on the campaigns is amazing and a lot of fun. Recently Twitter has had some server issues that has made Twitter a bit unreliable and all over the web one has been reading how awful this was. Maybe because I have been online and dorking around with web services for a long time but a couple hours of downtime isn’t that big of a deal AND isn’t that uncommon.

  • Blogger had some problems with reliability and uptime even after Google bought them.
  • Metafilter used to limit the ability of new people to sign up and actually charged at one time.
  • Flickr had some technical scaling issues before Yahoo! bought them.
  • Typepad had had some rough days as well.
  • I remember when GeoCities was still kind of cool, it went down for a week once.
  • Microsoft lost MSN Messenger at least once that I can remember and I remember Hotmail going down because someone forgot to renew a domain name.

It’s the web. Downtime happens to the best of them.