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  • It’s been two weeks of this flu and I still feel miserable but am feeling better. If I keep getting better, I may start blogging again but you never know.
  • I was listening to the head of the Baptists rail against John McCain the other night. Apparently he committed the unforgivable sin, he voted to preserve the right for the Senate to filibuster once and this somehow attacks families and the church in the United States.
  • I am kind of indifferent to a McCain presidency but this is an interesting take on the story the New York Times ran about him and the lobbyist and an op-ed from the Times wondering why the Times even ran it.
  • The one thing I will miss if Obama wins the nomination is that Maureen Dowd won’t have the Clinton’s to kick around any more. Frank Rich gets in a couple of shots as well.
  • One thing worth considering in Saskatoon’s efforts to tear down the Barry Hotel. Where will the 100 or so people who call that place home go? Many are suffering from addictions and while the Barry is not what I would call home by any stretch of the imagination, where do people who are not at a place of dealing with their addictions live? Saskatoon has a 0.4% vacancy rate right now. I am not saying that the Barry shouldn’t be torn down (from what I have read, it would be almost impossible to save) but there are a lot of hurting people who are not benefiting from Saskatoon’s boom.
  • While spring break is nice if you have the money to get away or have a parent who doesn’t have to work, does anyone think of the impact of elementary school vacations have on single parents. I am friends with a single mom whose salary this week is almost exclusively going to childcare. She is making it on her own but school vacations make it very hard for her to get even a bit ahead. There seems to be an excellent opportunity in there for a church to step in to make a difference in a neighborhood.
  • Speaking of single mothers, I was listening to a church leader screaming about single parents, “shacking up”. For once I would love the discussion be less about sex and lust and more about how hard it is for a single parent raising kids alone. I am just saying there is something wrong with the discussion as it is currently framed.
  • I understand that when governments change in Canada, some things also will change but one should let Google know. Almost all of the Government of Saskatchewan sites that I have found in Google are 404’d or moved. Most of the sites are URL changes and still have the same content which could have been done without breaking links or upsetting Google.
  • New Jersey Institute of Technology completes perfect NCAA Division I basketball season :: Apparently someone thought that having the worst basketball team in history of Division I basketball would help enrollment. The Highlanders were also the only Division I team this season with more turnovers (577) than field goals (550).
  • If adventure had a name, it would be Indiana Jones.”

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  1. Here in the US, (state by state), child support gets collected by the state, if there is a deadbeat parent. I dont know how Canada, or Saskatchewan works?

    Also, here, many day care places do ‘specials’ for vacation weeks. Yeah, more kids arund needing care, but more teenagers willing to make a few dollars.

  2. If the father is on social assistance (welfare) they don’t pay. Also I know of some father’s who work for family members “under the table” or just keep moving around to avoid garnishment of wages. It seems to be a lot of work avoiding child support payments but a lot do it.

    The other issue is that some mother’s only get $150 or so a month from their ex’s which isn’t a lot of money to raise a kid by yourself.

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