Contextless Thoughts

  • It’s been a crazy week and I am looking forward to a quiet weekend. The big plans are to post the rest of my review of The War Room, finish The Ghost Map, and listen to some music. I am not sure if I will watch the Super Bowl or not. If I am suitably relaxed by Sunday then I will but if I am still feeling as tired as I am now, I will just chill and follow it online.
  • I am just wondering but does Microsoft buying Yahoo! remind anyone of the AOL / Netscape debacle. Has the merging of two massive companies ever produced a excellent new company?

3 thoughts on “Contextless Thoughts”

  1. There was also rumour a week or two ago about Microsoft gobbling up Logitech.

    “If you can’t beat’em – buy’em!”

  2. Jordon:

    You won the Best Religious Blog at the Canadian Blog Awards!

    Blog on!


    Bene D

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