A couple of weeks ago now, one of the radio stations phoned me up and asked me if the Centre needed warm clothes and gloves and stuff for the guys with a deep freeze coming on. I hadn’t thought of it but it was mentioned in the interview and on the news and other media organizations phoned about it and did their stories. Some churches and schools phoned and e-mailed and they have some stuff to give us.

The result so far is that we have given away for free a lot of jackets, gloves, toques, scarves, and even some long underwear that was donated — some of it brand new, some used to all sorts of people and have outfitted them for winter. Because the staff here knows what stuff we are giving away, we recognize it and our clients around Saskatoon and it is a nice site to see… in some cases these clothes are the only stuff that they own but they are very warm. We give them out in all areas of the Centre so it goes to kids, families, and single guys.

One other thing that has been donated has been some sleeping bags and blankets. We don’t have a lot of street people sleeping on corners in -40 below weather, a lot of the houses and homes are in horrible shape and are freezing cold. The blankets generally go to families who are in living in bad homes and these keep them warm.

So to all of you who called me with stuff, thanks! It is always great to give that stuff away and more importantly, it makes a big difference in some of our clients lives at work.