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Some quick questions

  • Wendy and I are celebrating ten years of marriage this month. Ten years is the tin and aluminum anniversary. I am serious. Anyways, other than hubcaps… do you have any ideas for an anniversary gift? I know diamonds are the modern anniversary gift but she doesn’t want one (last year she read some on the artificial diamond market and that jaded her – as if ten years of marriage to me wasn’t bad enough). If you have any cool anniversary gift ideas, traditional or not, let me know.
  • When you are travelling with your passport, where do you keep said passport? I have travelled internationally before but never with a passport so all of my ID was just in my wallet. Is it safe to keep in your hotel room or should I leave it in the hotel safe (which seems just as unsafe to me – pardon the pun).


  1. Nicholas says:

    The hotel safe is probably the best way to go, if the safe lets you set your own combo. . . otherwise, if you don’t have a safe, I have hid it in my luggage and just always hung a “Do Not Disturb” on there. I don’t like the idea of an underpaid cleaning person to have the option to make a few bucks with a passport.

    I have always kept it on my person. But in the bahamas, I indend to be in swim trunks and no shirt for the duration, so I will be looking for a room safe.

  2. Anonymous says:

    In sunny places, I always put mine in the hotel safe. Otherwise, I always make sure the jacket I am wearing as an inside zippable pocket preferably with some velcro covering and carry it with me as I go. Gotta love those MEC tech clothes.


  3. Heidi Renee says:

    we just celebrated our 20th and Keith offered me diamonds too and I turned him down for the same reason. I told him that the only real jewelery I dream about was a Superhero necklace from Andrea Scher. I had read her blog for years and she makes these gorgeous necklaces. I love mine – and I really do feel like a superhero. She added some extra links for me so that it wasn’t a “choking” choker.

    Here’s the link:

    Happy Anniversary btw!

  4. robert says:

    i don’t do this every year but i try to do it with “fun” elements like tin & paper. i find various types of the element put them together and then explain why i think the characteristics of this element are true of what my wife brings to our relationship. it get who every time.

  5. modorney says:

    That’s American years. You have to do the conversion to Imperial years. That makes yours the Silicon Anniversary. Here’s your gift list:
    Silicon Anniversary

  6. John says:

    A aluminum baseball bat? In tin foil wrapping paper? You never know when a baseball bat might come in handy…

  7. Clint says:

    I have done extensive international travel and always use the neck wallet. You can see some here:

    Not attractive by any means, but effective. You can put it under your shirt and it is therefore fairly difficult to get at.

    It has always worked for me.

  8. Denice says:

    I travel pretty frequently and I keep my passport on my person – with a copy in the hotel just in case. I use a passport carrying bag thingy – you can get one from REI or something like that.

    Also, went snorkeling this past year and wondered what to do with my passport while on the beach and found a waterproof bag you wear while you swim at REI as well and it was PERFECT. Kept some cash for cabs, passports and our ship card (we were on a cruise) and it was a great tool – must have.

  9. rosydot says:

    Do you need to do any redecorating, like a basement ceiling? What about a tin ceiling? If they are too costly, you can get squares you can attached to ceiling tiles.

  10. Rodney Olsen says:

    For our tenth anniversary, about 5 years ago, we invited a bunch of friends to church and renewed our vows during the service.

    We had a BBQ afterwards and got to catch up with a lot of friends that we hadn’t seen for a long time.