Contextless Thoughts

  • Mark is sick tonight. He announced it by throwing up all over my leg while we were in the mall and I had sandals on. While at the time he was more focused on being sick and getting to a washroom, later on he thought that was funny. Me, not so much.
  • Thanks for the suggestions on passports. I went out today and bought a neck passport holder/wallet which I should have had before because I hate juggling my ID, wallet, boarding pass, carry-on bag and coffee while boarding the airplane. I was also told to get some luggage locks to protect my luggage while it is in a hotel room which I have never thought of before but others told me horror stories.
  • Interesting article on how the web isn’t making an impact in Iowa for Democratic and GOP presidential candidates. I would say the same thing could be said for the church in rural areas.
  • Just once I would like to hear a politician honestly talking about how tough it is going to be to stop climate change. Instead we hear how easy it will be. From what I have read, California is the only jurisdiction I know of in North America who is talking about taking BIG steps to tackle climate change. Even Saskatchewan (the continent’s largest carbon sink) is taking pretty small steps with lots of rhetoric. Despite Saskatchewan’s emissions are 62 percent above 1990 levels. Or as the Sierra Club sees it, “an environmentally regressive premier and cabinet whose NDP orange verges on brown.”
  • It’s October, the month I care only about baseball which means I re-read Moneyball. The more times I read it, the more tempted I am to recommend it to church leaders who complain about a lack of resources. The big idea in the book is that there are other ways of doing things, including scoring runs which until sabermetrics, was kind of stuck in a rut (as a note, as J.P. Ricciardi‘s payroll has gone up, I wonder if his philosophy of baseball hasn’t drifted away from his roots with the A’s). It is a helpful book in the process of reimagining, as that is exactly what the situation (low payroll in a high payroll world) forced Billy Beane to do and it is exactly what many franchises which continue to struggle, refuse to do.
  • Update: Mark made Wendy and I sick as well. We all are at various stages of the 24 hour flu. Mark woke me up this evening (after he slept almost all day) with, “Why is it dark?! Where did the sun go?” So much for seeing Transformers tonight at the cheap theatre.

5 thoughts on “Contextless Thoughts”

  1. > Mark is sick tonight.

    Don’t you know being a parent is just like being on drugs.

    1. You can’t sleep
    2. You smell bad
    3. You are broke all the time
    4. Your friends avoid you
    5. And, when someone throws up on you, you are elated!

  2. > Moneyball … and church planting.

    I actually did this for two years, but could not get anyone to play ball in “my park”.

    However, after spending a lot of tome coming up with demographic and org behavior models, I came up with two other tangents from church planting. And I’m having a lot of fun with these models, even though they are half baked at this point.

    If you ever want to sit down and talk, let me know if you ever fly through SFO (or, in the spirit of moneyball, Oakland).

    By the way, how do Canadians talk to Americans? Without paying an arm and a leg. We get free long distance, but it’s only stateside, not international.

  3. It would be as the book is about rethinking more than it is about baseball (although I really enjoyed the baseball part of it as well). I think that money is one of the things that is holding the church back (too much of it keeps us thinking that the old ways can work).

  4. For $20 you might want to try a passport holder called NuPocket. It is a nylon wallet that carries cell phone, cash, ID, and passport. It folds over your waistband to give you easy access to your cell phone. ( You can fold it under layers of clothing & your belt when you need the extra security.) See the video. 2007 patent-pending. It’s a new design.

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