to living in the McMansion. The micro-compact home or the Tiny Tumbleweed Housing Company which are not much smaller than my house 🙂 Of course another option to sprawling burbs is living in a shipping container. I link to these because a couple of years ago Wendy brought home a magazine and it hard a feature on a family of four who decided to purchase and live on a house boat all year long in Toronto. Two teen boy and two parents and not a lot of space. The mother talked about the discipline it brought to them in regards to materialism because for everything that made it’s way on board, something had to be tossed. Everything they bought cost them twice. First for the purchase and then the loss of something else. Wendy and I are working on that right now and I think it is a good idea.

Living in an over inflated housing market like Saskatoon does change the way we live. If we were to sell, we would get between twice and three times what we paid for our home but to purchase again, we would have to leave the city for a rural outlying area and commute in (thanks but no thanks). The alternative is to change the way we live being changed as opposed to the container we live in.

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  1. Regarding current housing prices, I have an honest question. Are prices in a market like Saskatoon overinflated or were homes previously undervalued? I live in Calgary and can certainly relate to a ridiculous market but I keep in mind that I live in the fastest growing economy within one of the healthiest economies in the world. That said, is the old, achievable Canadian dream of home ownership slipping away? What are the alternatives?

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