The Emerging Church Documentary

I have blogged about the efforts of Joe Manafo to film a documentary on the emerging church in Canada and I have been following his blog and on YouTube as he travels across Canada chatting with friends of mine and emerging church leaders about what God is doing in their contexts. Today I drove out to Living Waters Camp where Joe was speaking to hang out a bit with Joe and be filmed for the documentry.

I thought a drive might be good for the entire family so Wendy and Mark came along and we were able to catch up with an old friend from college. Joe also caught Wendy off guard and talked her into appearing on film. It was a little too much for Mark to see his mom and dad on film so he managed to get into the video.

One of the best questions he asked me was what are we preparing people for in the future? It’s a good question and a couple of years ago I would have given him a different answer but I don’t have a really rosy look at the future for the west.

I agree that even more than democracy, the western world is fueled by one central idea and that is cheap natural gas and oil. It allows us to heat our cities as well as transport goods all over the world for almost nothing (goods made cheaply in China are still cheap when they get here, do the math). With us running shorter and shorter on those resources (see here, here and here), it is foolish to think that there will not be some sort of economic transition and pain as we adjust or retool for the future on a massive scale. Also, I have friends who I went to school with who are just wrapping up their second marriages and are now looking for number three. Broken familes leave an impact that will continue to grow each subsequent decade for good or bad. Finally I think the church has been a product of the western world to a degree as a opposed to a Resident Alien in the western world. That is going to take some more figuring out and also practice until we get it right.

In end, as long as I looked cooler on film then Scott Williams, I will be pleased.

BTW, I am rumored to be appearing in John Campea’s documentary, Prince of Peace, The God of War

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