Rehearing Colossians 1.1–14

Rom Targum 1: Rehearing Colossians 1.1–14 in the Context of Disquieted Globalism

But here is the rub. Everything in this monolithic culture of McWorld globalization is allied against you and will try to keep your imaginations captive, stripping you of the courage to dream of alternative ways to live. So may you be strengthened with all strength and empowered with nothing less than the weighty power of God in this disempowered culture of unbearable lightness. May your vision, your stubborn refusal to allow your imaginations to be taken captive, have an endurance, an ability to hang in there for the long haul and a patience that doesn’t need to aggressively and triumphalistically realize the kingdom of God now because it has the faith and trust to work and wait for a miracle, for the coming of God’s shalom to our terribly broken world.

From Colossians Remixed

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  1. I like that – one of the best parts of Colossians Remixed IMHO. It was part of the lectionary for this Sunday too – part of my text since I was doing the speaking in Randall’s absence.

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