Prayer for Darren

Over the years Darren has had to take a lot of abuse being a co-worker and friend of mine. It kind of falls into the category of “whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” category. We worked together at Lakeview and now he is the Saskatoon Community Chaplain and he works with some of the guys that are a part of the half-way house that I work at. He is also a partner in crime in the Church of the Exiles and I have hugged him more than any other man in the world (which is unnerving to us both)

Darren is having open heart surgery on Monday and we would all appreciate your prayers for him and the family over the next couple of weeks. Darren asked me if I would post some updates on my blog since he will be a state of mind sponsored by morphine (TM) for a while after the surgery and I will do what I can.

3 thoughts on “Prayer for Darren”

  1. Yup, done.

    It’s hard to believe that a guy with such a great heart as his, needs his heart worked on.

    but any man with a fine last name like that deserves consideration and prayer.


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