Pocket Edition of the Divine Hours

I don’t how many of you use Phyllis Tickle’s The Divine Hours but I carry one around with me to work and home every day which is no small task (it’s a large book).  This bit of good news arrived in my inbox today and while I don’t generally post press releases, this one made me happy.

This past month, Oxford University Press has published The Divine Hoursâ„¢ Pocket Edition by Phyllis Tickle.

From the Introduction:

“It is important to remember, as pastors frequently remind us, that it is not the prayers we do not say, but rather those we do say, that matter to God.”

When Phyllis Tickle’s marvelous devotional trilogy The Divine Hours™ appeared, readers responded with gratitude, praise, and a great many requests for an edition of hourly prayers that they could easily carry with them—an edition that would make this ancient form of Christian worship compatible with the pace and mobility of modern life. Now, in The Divine Hours Pocket Edition,™ Tickle has gathered one full week of fixed-hour prayers, providing an ideal companion for travelers, office-workers, people on retreat or pilgrimage, as well as newcomers to this age-old spiritual practice. As Tickle writes in her introduction, “prayer is always a place as well as an action, and the daily offices are like small chapels or wayside stations within the day’s courses.” For all those who want to carry a “small chapel” of prayers with them, The Divine Hours Pocket Edition™ offers a convenient, easy-to-use, and deeply spiritual guide to a devotional practice that extends all the way back to Christ and the twelve Apostles.

Here is it is on Amazon.com

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  1. That’s good news ’cause the big books are pretty heavy to carry in a backpack to work.

  2. Great to hear this. When I travel I use David Adam’s The Rhythm of Life which is a more manageable size and has 4 liturgies for each day of the week.

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