This came from a friend of mine in response to this post.

Amma Syncletica said, “We ought to govern our souls with discretion and to remain in the community, neither following our own will nor seeking our own good. We are like exiles: we have been separated from the things of this world and have given ourselves in one faith to the one Father. We need nothing of what we have left behind. There we had reputation and plenty to eat; here we have little to eat and little of everything else.”

6 thoughts on “Exiles”

  1. I struggle with this kind of quote because it sounds almost cultish. ‘…remain in community…exiles…seperated…needing nothing…little of everything…’

    I believe in community, governing our souls and giving ourselves to God, but I think the community we create needs to be more than just attractive to ourselves. And I’m not convinced how relevant or attractive such ideology is to the unchurched world…

  2. Lori, I am not sure I am reading into the quote what you are saying. Now she was a dessert “mother” and they did with draw but I don’t think that she is talking about creating a community that is only attractive to ourselves but rather a community that embraces what Hauerwas and Willimon called “resident aliens”. People who are both a part and separated from the community.

  3. I understand the ideas behind the new monasticism and resident aliens – I guess I’m just reacting to what appears to me to be an over emphasis on the ethereal…

    Give me a good east indian bindi party or the oppotunity to talk to non believers over a lifetime of contemplating God in a cave anyday.

    I mean, even Jesus only spent 40 days in the desert, didn’t he?

  4. (well, aside from the fact (haha) that he spent his entire life in the desert…! but you know what I mean, right?)

  5. (I am going to make myself look even more brilliant yet – it’s an east indian MEHNDI party – as in hand painting, not bindi – I just came from one. I really didn’t mean to sound racist or anything …sorry, didn’t mean to hyjack your blog quote…)

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