Darren is doing fine

For the next little while Jordon has midnight to eight a.m. shifts at the Salvation Army. So if something important comes up I get to hack his blog.

Our good friend Darren Friesen has open heart surgery this morning. It lasted four hours and was done to see if they could fix one of his valves. It was too badly damaged to repair (which is preferable) so they had to replace it. Darren’s wife Sherryl is keeping me up to date. She did say that the surgery went well and that she will get to see him shortly.

8:00 Update: I just talked to Sherryl and she said that he is off his breathing tube, is at RUH, and continues to improve.  She said that when Darren woke up, he was disappointed that Jordon wasn’t there (weird in itself) and apparently was supposed to be dancing.  Jordon and I plan to go up and visit him tomorrow evening and Jordon said he will be dancing.


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One thought on “Darren is doing fine”

  1. Glad things are progressing well for Darren. So long as the valves don’t leak…it’ll be easy.

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