When two world’s collide

I am writing an article on the future of the church for the Free Methodist Church in Canada’s magazine.  For me, the first 90% of any article or longer writing piece is easy.  The last 10% of the writing is horribly hard.  So last night I decided to watch some television while I edited and I turned to CTV Newsnet which was covering the Quebec election which causes major tension across all of Canada.  Forgetting for a moment that I gave up politics for Lent, I found myself inspired to rewrite the article while watching the coverage which may or may not mean that Jean Charest is the saviour of the Free Methodist Church.  It also means that I am doing the worst job of keeping an Lenten promise since I was in grade 11.

2 thoughts on “When two world’s collide”

  1. let’s see … grade 11… what would a 17 year old male try to give up for lent and fail miserably… gosh, I’m stumped

  2. Are you sure it isn’t Mario Dumont who’s saving the Free Methodists? šŸ™‚

    Realistically, it would have made since for me to give up American politics for Lent; the Canadian breed is at least somewhat uplifting.

    It’s also intersting to see another blogging Free Methodist. We just started going to our Free Methodist church here in Midland in December. Your affiliation didn’t register with me until just now; it may have been the first time I saw it since I switch over, which made me more sensitive to such stuff.

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