I gave up politics for Lent.  So far it was easier to give up coffee.  I may check myself into rehab if the withdrawal symptions don’t go away (they range from thinking about the time when Peter Lougheed visited my school Grade 3 and had to dress up for the occasion to feeling guilt over some Election Act laws that I may or may not have broken when I was 14 to actually trying to put all of the anti-George W. Bush thoughts out of my head).  Still over a month to go and it isn’t going that well.
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4 thoughts on “Lent”

  1. can’t imagine the sacrifice. . . what will you do if the government falls [insert sinister laugh here] Reality is I am a political junkie, letters to the editor, op ed, duffy, the house, my life has become unmanageable. . . if you start a 12 step program, I’m in. . .

  2. Bill, the step is admitting you have a problem…

    The plan is to avoid all political conversations between now and Easter. We will see how it goes.

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