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  1. i read the emerging church criticism post [thanks]. daniel came close but it sounded a little too SMUG . . . i wonder if there was any one there from the emerging church to give a different opinion

    good to see carson is a little more open.

  2. “A bunch of theologians who disagree with the emerging church gather together to critique the emerging church. More of the same and it misses the mark.”

    Jordon, I hear this “missing the mark” rejoinder often. You sound like the artist who always claims that his work is misunderstood. Why not just say that Reformed/Calvinist critics of the emerging church are just plain wrong about the kind of ecclesiology that is needed today?

    Personally, I think the Reformed/Calvinist critique and the emergent mystique are both misguided attempts at keeping or re-working contemporary ecclesiologies. All of you should return to apostolic order and submit to the authority of the Church Catholic (but, er, not neccessarily Roman Catholic). Don’t be a “new kind of Christian” – be an “old kind of Christian” by walking in the communion of the Church Fathers and binding yourself to the judgment of the ecumenical councils. Like we say in the Nicene Creed – I believe in One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostloc Church. Get to a bishop now! 🙂

  3. Clement, fair enough but that wasn’t really what I was thinking but you are right. What I was thinking was that they criticize the fascination with the worldview of the emerging church and their criticisms seem much more based on each others critiques than with the emerging church itself.

  4. You know, the Reformed and the emergents should get together more often. Both camps can’t stand the contemporary evangelical scene (in fact, the Reformed were objecting to trends like Contemporary Christiam Music long before the emergent got their two cents in) and both camps have a concern for a cultural engagment that differs from megachurch packaged spirituality. Plus, both the Reformed and the emergents are far more theologically informed than their not-so-well-read cousins, the contemporary evangelicals. Maybe the PCA and OPC Presbyterians should hold their synods in conjunction with Emergent Village gatherings? RC Sproul and Brian Maclaren could do top billing.

  5. Clement, as a non-reformed person (that sounds stupid but you know what I am saying), I have been told that there are a few different expressions of the Reformed tradition. Some are engaged in discussions with Emergent people while others have declined to take Emergent up on their offer to dialogue. The same with Resonate and some in Canada.

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