Contextless Links

  • Why Bush vs. Gore still matters via
  • Iran’s gas reserves to last only another 25 years
  • The good news is that if any other city had endured a five game sweep by the New York Yankees, the city would be devastated.  Luckily Boston is used to having their hearts broken by the Yankees.  The Blue Jays were there in 2002 and were swept in five games by the Red Sox.
  • Warren Kinsella has posted some strong anti-Isreali comments on his blog by top Liberal Party supporters :: “History will remember Hezbollah as an organization that stood up to the most vile ‘nation’ in human history.”  Like he said, I too feel uncomfortable with the left right now in Canada.
  • How to make Elephant Ears
  • Wendy posted some comments on how things are going for her on her weblog.
  • Some of my readers have tangled with hippos before.  My first act as the leader on the War on Hippos is to invade Iceland.  I know that makes no sense but invading Iraq had nothing to do with the War of Terror.  I think the real lesson to learn from this is that either Mark or I get scared when watching nature shows.  We need to find something about puppies playing nice with each other or something.