This looks really cool. It is like a gym but for writers. I thought about this a couple of months ago. I was up in Spiritwood for a board meeting and Wendy was out chatting. The board meeting got done about 90 minutes early and I didn’t know where Wendy was and I had her cell phone with me. So I spent some time just relaxing and praying in the sanctuary in total quiet. City quiet and country quiet are two totally different things and in the sanctuary that night, there was not a bit of sound.

I remember thinking how much I would love to find that in the city and thought maybe I might not be the only one. I got thinking of all of these churches in the city that are locked from Sunday to Sunday and thought of the great service they would provide to people just looking for a sanctuary from the noise. Maybe some comfortable chairs, a ban on cell phones, and some good coffee. Even some wifi with chairs spread far enough apart that you can’t here other people typing away.

It isn’t a church doing this but Paragraph has done this in New York. What a great idea. I wish I had someplace like this in Saskatoon. If you know of any places where I can find silence, leave them in the comments below. via

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  1. Reading about a this place is like finally reaching an itch that’s been bugging me.

    Sounds heavenly. Literally.

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