FaithWorld buys embattled pastor $500,000 house

O’Mara said the church’s Dec. 16 purchase of the four-bedroom, three-bath house for Brown on Park Springs Circle “was obviously a vote of confidence. More significantly, it was the appropriate fiscal decision for the church to own a piece of property rather than pay rent on one.”

He said the congregation also made “substantial improvements” on the property.

The church also is paying $7,000 monthly mortgage payments on a $1.4 million home in Alaqua Lakes, a gated Longwood community where Brown lived with his wife, Angela, until February 2003, when they separated.

O’Mara said the church is studying whether it is proper to make payments on two residences for their pastor. Also under examination are credit-card charges by Clint and Angela Brown that were paid by the church.

Neither the Browns nor their attorneys could be reached for comment Monday.

Angela Brown’s divorce filing provides a listing of the couple’s assets, including three Mercedes-Benzes, a Porsche Carrera, a Hummer, a Ford F-150 pickup, a Volkswagen Beetle and two Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Several of the couple’s vehicles were paid for by the congregation.

The court documents also shed light on the couple’s spending.

On a visit to Diamond Quasar Jewels of New York in August 2002, Clint Brown spent $8,800. Other purchases were recorded at tony shops and spas in Bal Harbour; Scottsdale, Ariz.; Las Vegas; and Beverly Hills, Calif. Angela Brown spent more than $1,000 at Victoria’s Secret and nearly $10,000 for shoes at a Dallas store.

Using his wife’s Platinum American Express card, Clint Brown spent $85 at a San Diego Hooters on Jan. 24, 2003, according to court documents. Tattoos and tanning-salon sessions also were charged, along with nearly $1,000 in wine from a Heathrow shop.

In the divorce suit, Angela Brown also said that in one year, her husband charged more than $70,000 in women’s clothes on an American Express card and that neither she nor her daughter received any of the clothing.

I am just going to leave the comments open for your feedback. I know it isn’t the norm but it does happen in a lot of different churches across North America. It just seems to me to so outside the norm for what a pastor is called to be. Maybe I am missing something but this does sadden me quite a bit.

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22 thoughts on “FaithWorld buys embattled pastor $500,000 house”

  1. Yikes. I don’t get it: how can people be duped like this? It’s all over the place, especially on television.

    I saw a young preacher from Houston (on TV): he spoke about how Christians should comb their hair, never go out in sloppy clothing, and have nice, well-maintained front lawns (But he didn’t say anything about the back yard or how you look inside your house). Craziness. Sad, as you say.

    I don’t know if you caught the Fifth Estate documentary about Benny Hinn (about a month or two ago). It was really sickening: five-star hotels, private jet, and a $10 million “parsonage” which the ministry paid for (taxes and everything). For me the lowest and saddest point in the documentary is when the Fifth Estate investigative reporters got a leaked copy of Benny Hinn Ministries’ financial records. It had receipts for his expenditures: a couple of thousand here, a couple of thousand there; huge tips ($1,000) for maitre dis, and then “$20 for a homeless woman“. I couldn’t believe it.

    How can people support this? How can we turn a blind eye to this?

    Marc Vandersluys

  2. jordon,

    I think you are missing something here. See, this has nothing to do with the kingdom of God or the life of Jesus.. it is all Americana and civil religion. This is about success, image and status… think Hollywood. And we all know Jesus was big on those things eh?

  3. Yes it’s sad, but nothing new. The Bible is full of examples of men of God who were lured away by lust for wealth or other pleasures of the world. Our responsibiliy as Christians is to pray for our pastors and for ourselves, there but for the GRACE of God, go you or I….

  4. If you really are searching for truth regarding this matter–go to Specifically, look for information entitled: Nicer Than God. (Are most Christian’s nicer than God?) Let Bob Enyart help you understand the truth. Bob’s tough! but hang with it and it will change your life–forever!!
    God Bless

  5. I know Clint Brown and what reporters havnt shared is how he has gotten his wealth. He has written over 500 songs and sold over 1 million albums. He is also one of the most giving people i have ever met in my life.
    The reason his church supports him is because he has never hid his blessed lifestyle from any of them.

  6. We must pray for our pastors and leaders, because they are human as well. All have fallen and come short of the glory of God. The Enemy seeks to kill, steal, and destroy and if he can sift the pastors, he can detroy the flock. Clint Brown needs our prayers, not criticism. I learned to never put my mouth on God’s people, because we all need God’s mercy. We cannot forget the fact that he has blessed so many lives, can we? Also, remember that David was a man after God’s own heart and he sinned, but repented. Most importantly, so we even know if Clint Brown is guilty of anything yet? Remember, the Minstrels and Psalmists always have a fight on their hands, because they worhip God. Satan hates a worshipper, because he was once one, but was kicked out of heaven. Therefore, we must pray. Pray without ceasing.

  7. I am a very faithful listener of Clint Brown, I love his generous touch in all that he does. I was very sad to hear of his divorce but God’s knows better than we do, as to what lies ahead for this man servant. My constant prayer is that he will allow God to continue to order his footsteps in the right way. Love LMM

  8. People always criticize, what they don’t understand. Noah was a drunk, God used him. David was a murderer, whoremonger, adulterer, thief, conspirator, etc. and yet he was the apple of God’s eye. It’s amazing that most of the HEROES of the Bible were SINNERS. Just because they lived in a different time we somehow forget the bad stuff. Jesus also said he without sin let him cast the first stone. Clint Brown is a man of God. Not God himself. Jesus was God in the flesh. Last I checked Christian means to be Christ-like. Many would say “we’re just speaking the truth in love” and yet never know the man. I say let’s open up your closets and drag out all of your baggage, no not the baggage before Jesus saved you, but all that stuff since. Brothers and sisters I ask each of you to dig a little deeper into the story to find out how Clint Brown moved to Florida with nothing. How he lived in a motel for a month with nothing but a vision. I’ll stop here for now. May God bless all tongues on this sight to speak blessing and not cursing.

  9. I must agree with the last several comments made. I am and have been (for 4 years) and will continue to be a faithful attender of Pastor Clint Brown’s church. It was not the “man” that led me to Faith World, but the annointing of God that is present and apparent in every service; which happens to be getting stronger every service I attend. People truly do need to look at the facts before accusations are made about a person. I for one know how generous and giving Pastor Clint Brown is of not only his money, but of his time that he gives to help others in need. He gives more than probably anyone I know, and that is why God continues to bless him and why as a church we support him. He has never hidden his blessed lifestyle nor the lifestyle before he was blessed. Most people don’t know his whole story…for instance the fact that many of the really nice “material things” as some people like to call them, that he first obtained were actually given to him as gifts and since then he has continued to be blessed and at the same time give away many, many, many items and monetary gifts to people in need. And as another post stated, he came to Orlando with only a vision, but no money in his pockets. And how about the fact that he has also written hundreds of songs, produced over 12 CD’s, written a few books, and travels all over the country to speak and minister. He does not get all of his money from the church and quite honestly would probably be making just as much or more even if he wasn’t the pastor of Faith World because he is very annointed and talented. And like many people in the Bible, he has made mistakes, who hasn’t? But to me and many others he has always been a man after God’s own heart and has touched countless lives across not only the country but the world. I love him and the congregation loves him and we will continue to support him. And for those who feel that God doesn’t want Christians to be blessed with material things as well as spiritual things and health obviously do not read all of the Bible. I for one am a very blessed Christian. Some argue that it’s different because I’m not a pastor, but I see no difference. God wants all of his people blessed…abundantly, pressed down, shaken together, and running over….so much that there isn’t room enough to contain (which by the way means God wants his people so blessed that they are able to continually give away what they have to bless others). I might ask…how can you bless others and help others in financial need if you yourself do not have the finances to help? Just a thought. Back to Pastor Clint Brown…instead of judging and assuming what happened with him and to him, just continue to pray for him. He, like you and me, is human and has made mistakes. But that is what is great about him. He is real. He doesn’t try to act like he’s something he’s not and doesn’t worry what people say about him. He only worries what God thinks about him. He is a very loving, giving, and generous man of God who will continue to do great things for the kingdom…just watch and see. 🙂 Thank you and God bless!

  10. First of all, I can imagine how hard it is to understand how people who are college educated, own a business etc. can be duped. I got duped by one of Clint’s “students” . Israel Campbell was his youth pastor for three years and has followed in his former pastor’s footsteps. He is now pastor of a church in Wilson NC. Second of all, from what I have found on other websites, several people from Faith World are commenting saying the same things…interesting isn’t it.

  11. The way these pastors work is very easy once you understand it… but it dupes people very well too… for instance, Clint Brown can afford to always be giving things away (like Rolex watches, and I’ve seen him do it on many occasions) when the church is buying him the next new model anyway.
    As for him making his own money by selling his CD’s – PUHlease! Both him and Mark Chironna do the SAME thing… they have the CHURCH pay for the production of the CD’s and books – and then THEY take the income from it. Which just so you know, isn’t more than the production… so the church pays the cost but even if it WAS getting the income it would STILL be eating the losses. Did you ever here of Clint Brown before you went to his church? I didn’t.
    I will say this – I went to Faithworld for 6 months when I lived in Orlando. The first 5 months I really felt the presense of God at that church… I didn’t think Clint was all that and a bag of chips, but I did think he was good. He is a motivator for sure. Problem is that he speaks so well and motivates very well – but there is no structure at that church and so you have a bunch of baby Christians walking around with big heads because “I sat under Clint Brown’s” teaching. They will do anything he tells them to do.
    My experience at Mark Chironna’s church was that there is always a cycle of people. People leave when they get fed up with the crap but new people always come in. You still have your faithful core of the horribly deceived…
    Back to my story, one day I came to church and it was like God had just left the building. Where I could feel Him before He was now gone. I am not saying that it is still like that to this day, but that was my experince.

  12. To Each Their Own!!!

    I’d rather have someone teach me that is “Real” and who has been through things I have, rather than someone that’s “fake” and “Doesn’t Sin”. Oh wait.. I guess we all sin. I do. If you say you don’t, that’s a lie and so it’s a sin,.. haha

    Let’s go through your bills and see where you spent your hard earned cash. oooh,.. you went tanning??? uh oh!! you had chicken at Hooters???? uh oh

    You got your wife Jewlery to say I love you??? oh my my deary Oh!!

    Got some Women’s Clothing??? bad move to Give your guest’s a really nice suit or dress to wear on Sunday.

    Religous people Go back to your Holy Perfectness & cast some stones!!
    Your the Reason People Get Sick of Church!!! You make people Turn away from God! How does that feel to know it?

    Broke= Not Good
    Wealthy = Good

    I personally believe in Success & Prosperity as long as you don’t let it get ahold of you.

    It’s not the Press’s Job to report Facts, just to get something on the 6 o’clock news or in a newspaper to get paid. It’s just a job to them. The more Juicy, the more promotions and jobs they’ll get.

    People will always Judge, Hate & Friggin Gossip…. All’s I gotta say is I got my Hater Blocka’s On!!!

    E from OhLando

  13. We must pray for Gods’ people. We must also remember that EVERYONE has sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God. NO this is no excuse for continued misconduct, however, prayer is the best thing we can do as Saints.
    As members of Clints’church and as Elders, we MUST hold him accountable for ANY misconduct. The best thing to do is GET SAVED AND STAY SAVED. Operate in Excellence, and remember God is WATCHING. Pray for his wife (ex)and for his chidlrne. The world can be a dark cold place for children of divorce. PAstor Clint, you are a great man with a great mandate on your life. You have touched the life of many through the way God is using you, please stay focused on your purpose. We love you.
    The Psalmist

  14. It’s funny how we can see the splinter in someone elses eye and not see the plank in our own eye.

    I say that to say this if were going to throw a brother out like this we should also talk about the good that he has done. It just seems so easy to erase the good and the great with one failure or indescrection.

    I wonder if you are willing to make your personal life public record. I sure we could find some dirt there.

    All I’m saying is don’t be the first to brandish a rock, it will come back to you.

    Know this if he’s not right with GOD, GOD already knows and is already dealing with him.

    I wouldn’t get in the middle of that if I were you.

    Peace & Blessings

  15. Do you even know this man’s heart?
    Why do you ASSUME that this divorce was his fault? Do you know the whole story? Do you Know anything about Angie Brown? Has Clint Brown EVER trash talked her (like she did him)? I think that says something about this Man of God. It’s been over 3 years now…GET OVER IT!Leave him be. If you don’t like him don’t go to FaithWorld(let everyone else get blessed). I KNOW Clint Brown WILL be blessed.

  16. I have been attending Faithworld for about 5 years. I am a type of person that does not just accept what someones says is true. I look into it myself. I have searched many churches to find a place that accepts you for who you are and try to bring you up. In another blog I read that Clint brown did not preach salvation. However, he does preach about praise and worship, which if you know anything about God, David was a man after God’s own heart and all he did was praise and worship God.
    If you know anything about the media, you would know that they lie to tell a story. Look into the situation yourself…don’t judge something you know nothing of.
    There are some good preachers and hypocrytes. You need to read the bible and see which one abides by it. I love it at faithworld. It is the first chucrh I attended that I actually let go of trying to be so righteous and simply praise God for who he is and felt amazing afterwards, and this was even before Pastor Clint Brown started preaching.

  17. Whatever happened to using the “blessings of God” to help others not as fortunate? They scheme and rape the church people of their hard earned money. Ok–so he got royalties-why not build a home for unwed moms, help people get out of poverty or feed the hungry (as Jesus did)?
    The church is being DUPED by these gospel superstars and I am clueless as to why God allows such things as this. Frankly, they use the church as a means to an end. SICK

  18. I live in West Palm Beach and attend Winners Church. Clint Brown has been there countless times as a guest speaker. I did not know any of his past until now. As I read these comments, I must ask, “Did Jesus, our blessed Savior die in vain???” Your sins, my sins, and Clint Brown’s sins are and were nailed to the cross and have been blotted out as far as the east is from the west! JUDGE NOT, LEST YE BE JUDGED!!! Who are we to judge our dear brother? Cover him with your love (Christ’s love). That is what we are REQUIRED to do.

  19. So many people like to point their finger at everyone who has made mistakes while being saved. I think if God put a spotlight on all of our lives, you would see that we all made mistakes before we got saved and after. I don’t know what Clint Brown has done or what he is doing thats wrong, but it is not for me or any of you to judge. God said that we should forgive our brother 70 times 7. So next time anyone feels the need to point their finger, just remember you have some pointing right back at you. God sees everything even the ones doing the pointing and backbiting.

  20. I find a lot of this commentary about Pastor Clint Brown very interesting. The first time I had ever even heard of him was in 2005 from a friend who attends a church he visits when he’s in town. And I began to read the things surrounding his church and divorce – I was amazed.
    OK, perhaps he has not done everything as perfectly as some would like. Perhaps he has challenges and problems but guess what – don’t we all. I give this man credit for one very important thing. He hasn’t given up. He could have, some would have, but he didn’t. And nobody yet has denied that his musical gift (regardless what you think about his preaching ability) is just that, a gift from God. Pastor Brown blesses God back and God’s people who appreciate it, with his gift. Churches all over this country sing a Clint Brown song on a regular basis. If you don’t like him, don’t listen to him. I don’t like the messages of certain pastors, so I don’t listen to them – plain and simple. And as for his life, he, just like the rest of us, will all have to stand before a Righteous and Holy God and give an account for everything we’ve done. We ALL NEED TO MAKE SURE OUR HOUSE IS IN ORDER. A rod of correction – yes, if he’s done something wrong. Condemning him – no, that’s not of God but the devil.

    God Bless.

  21. Someone once gave me some great advice when I was worrying about what someone else was doing. They told me that if I took care of myself, let the other person take care of themselves, then we’d both have our hands full and everything would turn out fine.

  22. Wow, so what most of you are saying is that it is okay to sin, cheat on your wife, live like a king as a pastor who is supposed to model a Christ that lived very differently as long as you entertain the masses. What a sad commentary on the church and Christianity in America.

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