Uganda: Study Shows Clergy Top HIV/Aids List

A sad article on the state of the church in Uganda.

“According to our survey, we realised that groups of people with authority take advantage of their responsibility to have sex with ladies under their control.

Teachers with students, police officials with suspects and religious leaders with their congregations.

However, religious leaders topped the carriers list because ladies consider them holy and do not even demand for condoms during sex,” he said.

He said the rate of spreading HIV/ Aids by prostitutes is being minimised since they are open on condom use and those dealing with them are extremely careful during sexual intercourse.

“Sometimes these prostitutes are cleaner than religious leaders who shun condom use yet they have multiple sexual intercourse”, he said.

SLU report is backed up by media reports and cases from Fida-Uganda citing religious leaders in cases like rape and defilement.

Following this revelation, Ouncha who composed the renowned national HIV/Aids anthem, urged Christians to always be inquisitive whenever dealing with religious leaders especially during odd hours.

“We appeal to all female churchgoers particularly those who go for night prayers to always be careful. We also appeal to all anti-Aids activists to allot more time to closely monitor pastors who are using God’s name to promote the Satanic empire”, he said.