interviews Mike Gingerich

Today I interview my good friend Mike Gingerich. I worked with Mike at Lakeview Church. Not only was he a super talented programmer, he has a grasp on NFL and sports minutia that Cliff Claven would respect, and is as easily as good of a drummer as Ringo Starr. Right now he is going back to school and blogs over here. Mike is also revered by my son Mike who along with Todd, is referred to as “Rockstar Mike”. He is married to Sandi and they have a daughter, Emma.

What’s your age and occupation? How long have you lived there? Where did you come from, and where do you live now?

I am 31 years old and presently a student, taking Business Management w/ a major in HR and Marketing I have been a student since September and will be finished in January of 05. I came from my mother who was living in Regina at the time. I live in Saskatoon SK with me wife and daughter

As a die hard Toronto Maple Leafs fan, you have never seen them win a Stanley Cup. What’s the most painful loss you have had to endure?

Has to be in ’94 when Gretzky was with the LA kings he scored late in the 3rd period to advance to the Stanley Cup final against the Canadians.

As a football coach, we are hoping you can answer the question that has haunted us for the ages… what’s the better defence 4-3 or 3-4 and why?

Hands down 4-3, D-line keeps contain and can peruse from either end while strong side LB shoots the gap and gets the sack on the blind side or stop the rush coming through either the A or B gaps. It’s quite elementary really.

Worst Toronto Maple Leaf trade of all time?

That easy 96 when there was a 6 player deal in the end we gave up a young defensemen named Kenny Jonsson and got and old Wendel Clark in return. Sorry Wendel you know it’s true.

You and I have spent hours talking NFL football. Who do you think were the five biggest quarterback busts of our era. Not including Ryan Leaf… that’s too easy.

Since I can’t say Ryan Leaf, I think the top 5 are:

1) Todd Blackridge in ’83 1st round 7th overall before Jim Kelly and Tony Eason, Ken O’ Brien and some guy named Dan Marino

2) Andre Ware in ’90 1st round 7th overall heismen curse “Andre ware are ya”

3) Todd Marinovich in’91 1st round 24th overall, a tragic tale of wasted youth, drafted that year before Brett Farve.

4) Kordell Stewart in ’95 2nd round 60th overall, this dude has sucked since his first day in the NFL.

5) Giovanni Carmazzi in 93 3rd round 65th overall. I have never heard of this guy, he must be a bust he was however drafted before Tom Brady, Marc Bulger and Tim Rattay. He is Currently inactive on the 49er roster

What’s the best part about living in Saskatoon?

The people (corny but true),

What’s the most important lesson you learned while working at Lakeview Church that you can apply to life outside the church?

2 things really

1) Everybody regardless of title or position wants to be valued to some degree, in his or her work

2) Leadership is relationship, you can’t have one without the other.

If you could have any three figures from history over for dinner, who would it be?

Kurt Cobain I think that dude just needed a hug, Jimi Hendrix, cause I would love to jam with him and C.S Lewis…oh yeah and ahh Jesus

If you could change any one thing about Saskatoon, what would it be?

The fact that it is in the middle of Saskatchewan

As a driver of a very nice and cool car, what is the worst looking car, That you have ever seen?

I once saw a full size pick up truck it was all pimped up it had been lowered and it had a very large ridiculous spoiler on it, on the gate of the truck he/she most likely he had airbrushed a proportionately impossible women and the 2 words “spoiler rotten”.

9pm, Wednesday – what are you doing?

Most likely homework or relaxing with my Sandi, there is most likely TV being watched and nachos or popcorn being consumed.

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