Camping Mocks The Homeless

Doug Pagitt’s new blog

My idea for this blog is to call out reductionistic thinking. Not only in culture and in other people, but in me. The opportunity to think in simple ways is so strong and appealing, that without the proper support I will be stuck there.

This seems to be particularly important during a time when the political system will call us all to the either or world.

It seems to me that there is a belief that we are benefited by simple thinking. It is tends to have passion to it. It tends to give one a sense of mission. As if the human mind can only hold one thought at a time and the complexities of the world are confusing.

I suspect that more truth is found in the details than the headlines.

The idea for this came from an expression I blurted out during lent this year. In having fun and telling a friend why I do not enjoy camping I said, ?and another thing, Camping Mock the Homeless?. I was totally kidding, but liked the ring of it. While I was joking, I suppose someone could argue that camping mocks the homeless when we take for enjoyment and leisure that which is a plight for so many in our world. What right do have to turn their sleeping on the ground into our vacation? Doesn’t that just make the issue of homelessness not seem so important? Can one come home from a camping trip, after having slept on the ground for a number of days and really have sympathy for those who are forced to do it?

Now on one level such ludicrous thinking could make sense, but it simply is not true.

Nor are statements like, “we shouldn’t spend money on space exploration, there are poor people to feed!”

Or, “Money to the arts supports pornography”.

Or, “Bread not Bombs”.

Or, “Family Values”

Or, ?Buying gas fuels terrorism?

Or, ?If the Bible is not right on things, it is right on no things?

Or, ?Fasting Mocks the Starving? ? my second choice for the name of the blog.

If these issues were occasional and benign that would be one thing, but people actually base their lives, time and political energy on them.

This blog is my little place to call myself and anyone silly enough to read to find respite from such thinking. For the purpose of putting significant thought into the complexities of the world and our place in those complexities.