Cool Friends Spouse :: An interview with Wendy Cooper

Today I am interviewing Wendy Cooper. Wendy has a weblog at known for it’s infrequent posting and lots of recipes. She also has a brand new photoblog called AnalogPixels and has some really cool shots online. When she found out I was interviewing people on this site, the pestering started immediately. The boy and the dog joined the lobbying effort and soon I gave in.

Age and occupation. How long have you lived here, where did you come from, and where do you live now?

I am 34 and mere cashier at Safeway. I was born in Georgetown, Guyana. After a socialist government took power, there was fears of forced conscription into military service for children so we immigrated to Brandon, Manitoba, Canada in the middle of winter. Apparently the Government of Canada wanted Guyanese people away from the coasts in case of a Guyanese invasion of North America. I moved from Brandon to Saskatoon to go to college. There I met you, fell in love, and got married adopted a dog… yada, yada, yada.

Last good book you read. What made it worth reading?

Travelling Mercies by Anne Lamott. I loved her irreverent humor and honesty. That and threats of violence against E.T.

You are known as an excellent cook. What I am wondering is, what’s the worst meal you ever made?

A stir fry. I put it in front of us and you took one bite and said, “that’s awful”. I took a bite and gave mine to the dog. He sniffed it but would not eat it. I have no idea what went wrong. (Ed: That tuna casserole you keep making is pretty bad too)

If you could experience any time in church history, what would you choose?

The church service in Georgia where John Wesley refused communion to the governor’s daughter (and the girl he was smitten with) and her fiance (which suggested to the congregation that they were sleeping together).

What is your choice for the Greatest Canadian Ever?

I know you want me to say Brian Mulroney but how about Oscar Peterson?

Saturday night at 9:00 p.m. — where can we find you?

Either just leaving Starbucks with you and Mark or hanging out at home with friends with Hockey Night in Canada playing in the background.

After, what are your favorite three weblogs? Photoblogs?

Warren Kinsella, Scott Williams, and Karen Neudorf. For photoblogs, Spencer Burke, Heather Champ, and A Daily Dose of Imagery

The most irritating habit that I have?

I know this is a Cooper family tradition but spraying me with a water hose in the summer when I am not looking gets on my nerves. Teaching Mark to do the same thing is also right up there. Also, you use a lot of different glass cups in an evening. Actually, how much space to I have to answer this question. I could keep going…

The most embarrassing thing I have done to you?

Scott Williams was out just after Mark was born. I didn’t know he was coming over and my breast pump was not hidden as well as it should have been. Scott made a couple of jokes and embarrassed me horribly. Just as I had recovered from that, I was in Minneapolis for Soularize. You and a bunch of people had ended up going out and as I found you, I was greeted by a cheer of “There’s the breast pump lady” and everyone knew the story. I know you claim innocence but no one believes you. Even if you were innocent, you could have given Scott a “Rock bottom” or “Stone Cold Stunner” while he was telling the story or something but no. That reminds me, I have yet to had my revenge on you for that.

You are a big music fan, what is the best CD that you own? The worst?

The Essential Oscar Peterson may be the best but the worst has to be the soundtrack to Sister Act.

If you could teach our dog one new trick, what would it be?

To lay on your side of the bed and not on my legs.

Any chance you have changed your position on us getting a wiener dog yet?


How about now?



Enough already.

All of the Cool Friends interviews will be posted online here.